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Midday blog: Does Fear Hold You Back?

I’m all about communicating Freedom to Women. I believe that is my calling but often I find that fear holds me back. Fear is the antithesis of freedom. So how can we live free and fearless? A number of years ago God answered that question for me in an unexpected way.

A piece of my story is about divorce. I went through a divorce about 12 years ago and one of my biggest fears was that life was over, I was finished, all washed up! God couldn’t use a divorced woman. I believed I’d been sidelined. That’s what some people told me, and that was my perception after growing up and spending most of my life inside the Church. God, however, had another idea! He sent some amazing people into my life to speak a different message into my heart and soul, a message of life, hope and healing. Today I speak to thousands of women every day on Midday Connection and get to share that same message of freedom and healing and life.

Here is one of my favorite verses in Scripture on the topic of freedom, Galatians 5:1.  “So Christ has truly set us free. Now make sure that you stay free, and don’t get tied up again in slavery to the law.” How about it, will you stay free along with me?

What’s your story? What is one of your biggest fears that you’ve watched God dismantle as he helped you see His truth?

Anita LustreaAnita Lustrea is a graduate of Moody Bible Institute and has worked for Moody Radio since 1984. She is a sought-after conference and retreat speaker and loves to connect with Midday Connection listeners face-to-face. Anita lives in the Chicago suburbs with her husband, Mike, and her son, John. To learn more about Anita, her speaking schedule and her blog, please visit her website.

Midday blog: Feeders

This Wednesday (February 12, 2014) Christine Wyrtzen and I talk about those “feeders” in our lives: People who drown us in their neediness often through manipulation.

-“You’re the only one I can talk to about this.”

-“I need you – can you come over right now? If not I think I’ll _______.”

-“No one understands me but you.”

They are continually self-focused, and when you catch your breath and stand back for a moment you notice they aren’t even making changes despite your large investment of time and effort.  Your continual counseling seems to start at A and end at A, unfortunately  never progressing.

While they have discovered your “likes” and often show up with your favorite books, foods or crafts, there’s an air of falseness –  any authentic relationship just isn’t there.

More and more I’m hearing spiritual leaders encourage us to back up a few steps and let God work in the lives of others. I’m glad for that encouragement. It can mean a sore heart, and taking risks as we relinquish the God-like role others have tried to make us wear. But it’s an opportunity for us – and for others – to see just what God’s Spirit might do.

There’s a concept I, sadly, often lose sight of.

Melinda Schmidt

Melinda Schmidt is a graduate of Moody Bible Institute and holds a Broadcasting/Bible degree from Calvary Bible College. She has served with Moody Radio since 1980 in various hosting capacities. Married with two young adult children, Melinda lives outside Chicago, loves reading, developing her creative interests and hopes to be a life-long learner. Twitter: @melindaschmidt

Midday blog: Stepping Back

ImageIsn’t it amazing how small decisions in our days can make a big difference?

For years, I’ve faced the same little irritating situation every week day.  Let me paint the picture… I work a day at Midday Connection, then walk to the train station, get on my favorite train – in my favorite car, sit on a train sleeping or reading, then get off the train – and encounter a snarled mass of people that I need to fight through to get off the end of the train platform.  Ugh.  Stressful, irritating, thinking not-so-nice things about the people blocking my way.  Just recently it finally hit me – why in the world am I fighting through the crowd every day?  If I simply turned left when I get off the train, walk a short distance out of my way to another exit on the platform, I’d skip shoving through the mass of bodies, backpacks, keys, roller bags, and shopping bags!  Why it took me this long to figure it out kind of baffles me.  Just making that simple change has helped me arrive home in a much better frame of mind (my husband is grateful!).

It’s also caused me to step back and look at other little irritations in my life.  How many things am I unthinkingly just putting up with?  What are those things that I keep “hitting my toe on” during the day?  Jennifer Degler calls those little irritations “life drainers”.  Why allow those life drainers to continue to peck away at our energy?  How about stepping back and taking a look at small changes in the routine to see what we could do smarter?  Here’s to making small changes – and less stress!

Lori Neff is the senior producer for the award-winning national radio program, Midday Connection. Lori grew up in a small town in Ohio, spending more time outside in nature than inside. She is a graduate of Moody Bible Institute. Her interests include art (looking at it and creating it), music, literature, humanitarian aid efforts, cooking, gardening, coffee, traveling, thinking, learning and spending time with her husband, John.

To learn more about Lori and read her blog, please visit visit her website.

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