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Midday blog: Simply Loving

Recently, I visited what is probably one of the most deplorable gypsy communities here in Romania. The gypsies are our stereotyped group of people. They are the kind that you do not want to have anything to do with, the kind you avoid, look down on, or think very little of.  So there I was, waiting outside of the church for some people, when Cristina, a 10 year old, approached me.  She saw the kind of clothes I was wearing, the kind of car I climbed out of, the kind of people I was visiting with, and she kept herself pretty distant at first. It seemed like she was afraid of something. Five minutes later though, she jumped into my arms, and right there to me was one of those moments when I was convinced, once again, that I am to share or offer my love regardless of the response. It really did not matter at all that she was dirty, sticky, and smelly. Her embrace was a loud enough cry for love.

But that truth resonated with me deeper inside; it actually made me think of my friends, not just the people that are hard to love. In the past few years the dynamics of most my relationships have changed. Some friends got married, others moved, others became more involved in different communities, and so on. Plus, my constant transition in between Romania and the U.S. has not really helped either. So I became frustrated. Truly, many friendships have been born along these years, but also many of my friendships have been tested and have become quite hurtful. During these years, I have had friends who never invested the same amount love and care as I did; friends who compared me with others, or pressured me with all sort of expectations; friends that genuinely did not know how to love back on me; friends that I lost. But these are also people that I know I have to offer love to regardless of the response.

You see, when Christ entrusted us with the second greatest commandment, He did not condition our love.  Quite the opposite, He asked us to love our neighbor just as much as we love ourselves. He asked us to simply love. How many times do we make the mistake of loving with expectations? Including our friends and family…

So I challenge you to think about how you offer your love. What is that person in your life that you know you should be simply loving?

Adelina GhileaAdelina Ghilea comes from the city of Arad, Romania. Her previous experience as a volunteer radio show host and producer not only deeply shaped her vocation and calling, but also brought her to Moody Bible Institute. She is currently a senior in the communications department and is serving as station manager for the campus station. Adelina is also serving with JoyFm, a new Reach Beyond (HCJB Global) radio plant in her hometown. After graduation, she is planning to return home and invest in the ministry there. Twitter: @AdeGhilea

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8 thoughts on “Midday blog: Simply Loving

  1. Susan on said:

    “He asked us to love our neighbor just as much as we love ourselves.”

    … what about … if you LOATHE yourself and wish your existence would just STOP.

    then what do you do about other people?
    especially if they’re really scary?

    • Susan,
      You brought up an excellent point. I thought about that too, and I believe that once we start talking about loathing ourselves, we are deviating form the commandment itself and opening the way to other heart issues.
      These are the words of Jesus from Matthew 22:
      “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment. And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”
      There is no second greatest commandment without a first, hence there is no way of being able to fulfill the second, if not fulfilling the first…including loving yourself. To know how to simply love others, we ought to know who to love ourselves, but we will only know how to love ourselves (rightly) if we love God with our entire being.

  2. I’m not saying it’s not a struggle, but I do not know of any other better way.

  3. Marilyn on said:

    Susan…l can’t help but think that something traumatic has happened to you. You are having a difficult time. People that have gone through trauma and have come out on the other side will be able to point the way to you in a way that those who have not are not able to. I pray you find soul healing. Offered with love. MP

  4. Susan on said:

    I’m sorry. I won’t talk anymore.

  5. Marilyn on said:

    Susan, my heart hurts for you. Wish l could help. Please don’t let any comment l make keep you from expressing yourself. You have a voice. God wants to hear your voice.

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