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Lori’s 8 Challenge

FreeWe’ve been enjoying a small group study in the book, “Free: Spending Your Time and Money on What Matters Most” by Mark and Lisa Scandrette.  It’s been challenging and it has shifted my (Lori’s) perspective a bit.  Thinking and talking about pursuing simplicity and contentment drew me to consider (what Mark and Lisa call) a “voluntary fast”.  A voluntary fast is setting aside something that is not necessarily “bad”, but perhaps something that could have a disordered place in my life.

I’m chronically discontent with my wardrobe.  I’ve never had a lot of money to spend on clothes and I don’t enjoy shopping, though I do enjoy an occasional treasure hunt at our local thrift shop.  As I walk to work each day, I admire the “together”, classy looks of women around me in the city.  “If only I had that outfit, I’d be prettier, happier and confident… (sigh)”  Several years ago I stopped reading fashion magazines because I know it just feeds into my discontent.  Yet, this is still an almost daily internal “ick” of discontent/envy about clothing.  I try to remind myself of Scripture, “don’t worry about what you will wear”, but having clothing is not the problem – I can get loads and loads of secondhand clothing at thrift shops very cheaply.  My discontent is about having the (supposed) right clothing.  I don’t want to live this way.  I want to live in gratitude, with a broader perspective of what really matters.  Looking nice is a value of mine, and I don’t feel that’s wrong, but it’s become disordered.

So, in an attempt to refocus, Randi Lundren (one of the members of our “Free” study) and I will only wear 8 pieces of clothing during the month of November.  (BTW – I loosely based this challenge from a 6 items challenge I read about here and here and here. Randi and I struggled with settling on 6 pieces, so we went with 8! 🙂 )

Feel free to join us and let us know if you do!

Here are the “rules” during the month long challenge:

Have 8 pieces of “anchor” clothing.
We can wear belts, jewelry, scarves.
Coats, undies, socks, shoes, workout clothes, and PJs are not counted in this challenge.
No clothing purchases.
Repair clothing if a mishap occurs (ie, no replacement pieces).

So, here are the pieces I’ve decided on:
2 sweaters
3 tops
1 dress
1 jeans
1 black pants

lori 8 challenge



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29 thoughts on “Lori’s 8 Challenge

  1. Marilyn on said:


    • Want to join me?? 🙂


      • Marilyn on said:

        Lori…I am with you in every way but the participating way! I hope you post pictures. If you do, will they be posted on FB?

      • Ha! 🙂 Yes, I’ll blog about my experience during November – and a link will be posted on fb.
        – Lori

      • Marie Butson on said:

        I really like this challenge. I’m just trying to find one of my most diverse tops and can’t find it. I promise: no buying a replacement. If I find it, great!

      • Lynnell on said:

        I’ve been living like this for years! A few years ago was finally successfully treated for chronic Lyme Disease. The only catch was that the treatment has caused steady weight gain. I’ve been shopping thrift stores to keep myself in clothes. I currently have four dresses I wear to church, three pair of slacks and only six tops that really fit properly. And a vest and a sweater. (OK, I’m not counting my grubbies, that I wear at home to clean house–these are my “fit to be seen” clothes.) I’ve actually prayed sincerely about the problem and the answer I keep getting is “Be patient and be content for now with only a few clothes.”. Meanwhile, I have a lot more compassion for overweight people. 🙂

  2. Have fun! Its frustrating when you forget to wash something, and the clothes wear out faster, but it does save time and energy for more important things. I do it out of necessity, not by choice. I try to think of people that have less and that helps. Praying for you on this journey.

    • Yes – I think the difficulty will be keeping the clothing clean and in good repair. All of the items I’m wearing (except for one) are pieces that I bought used… so, they’re already a bit worn. We’ll see how it goes! 🙂

      – Lori

  3. I have the same struggle as Lori. Never was able to afford the right clothes and sure I’d be happier if I could have some of those sharp outfits I see others in. Gonna take the challenge! Terrified but I’ll try!

  4. I did a similar thing when I read the book “7” by Jen Hatmaker. I wore 7 items of clothing all month. You will love how little you think about what to wear–there’s not many decisions to be made! And also how you can actually make the same clothes look pretty different with accessories which means we probably “need” about a fraction of a normal wardrobe. Enjoy your month!

  5. Good for you. …I’m trying not to buy any clothes either. ….and wearing what I have. …because I have so much. …my next purchase that I for see buying is my holiday outfit. Keep us posted on your progress/ feelings on this challenge

  6. A Midday listener got us on to this site… looks VERY interesting!


    I think I’ll be doing this next!

    – Lori

  7. Heather on said:

    Lori! You can do this. I know, because I lived out of my little carry-on size suitcase for 3 months last winter. And I was shifting between winter in Northern China and summer in Thailand in that time. I finally wore out the pair of jeans I brought and left them in the trash can of the last friend I visited before I returned to my teaching post at a college high in the mountains of China. I learned I don’t need all that stuff, but it sure is nice to have choices and variety.

  8. Love you Lori….so honest and real and always trying to become more Christlike. I do tell my husband….”I am so tired of all my clothes” we wre selling his Moms house and will have some extra money so he said go buy a new wardrobe. I am very frugal (cheap) so I say no I really have plenty of new to me clothes from your Moms mega. Clothes collection..think seven closets stuffed to the filled to the gills..I gave away at least 90% but still I got a wardrobe boost….not exactly things I would have chosen but fairly attractive and they fit. What I am saying is that like you I am conflicted…..I want new stylish expensive clothes (think Chicos and Talbots) but I am just too cheap to buy them. As a side note I am a 71 year old part time teacher in a public school (Ktg). The kids don’t care what I wear but they do love it when I wear boots and bling….not necessarily together. And I tell myself no one cares or notices what a seventy something wears……but I want to stay fashionable and youthful looking. ……more than you ever wanted to know right?
    May God bless your November clothes fast!

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  11. Love this challenge. I was actually convicted by the project 33 challenge a few years ago. 33 articles of clothing for 3 months. I downsized considerably then and have continued to do so. Down to 23 articles total, spring ,summer ,winter,and fall.

    So. Freeing!

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