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8 Challenge, Update #3

We are now 21 days into the 8 Challenge!

The good:
1) This truly has been a challenge for me, but doable!  It’s confidence-lori 8 challengebuilding to see that I *can* do a challenge like this.
2) My perspective has been shifting more and more toward gratitude these days. For some, limited clothing is a reality 365 days of the year – I have the luxury of having a closet with more clothes and the luxury of spending time thinking about clothing.
3) I’ve had some great conversations with people at work, church, school, and home about the challenge – it’s fun to hear others’ thoughts!
4) Store sales are happening in full force this time of year. Since I’m not buying clothing this month, I’ve saved money by not buying clothing impulsively. I don’t think I’ll go back to impulsive clothes shopping again. I’m feel more committed to living in simplicity.
5) Thank goodness for the variety of scarves that I own (most of them were gifts – and I’m starting to see what great gifts they are!)!
6) Posting my daily outfits on facebook has helped keep me on track with this challenge (at the risk of boring/annoying my facebook friends!).

The bad:
1) Though the volume of laundry is small, I’m washing my clothes more frequently and I really need to stay on top of it or I won’t have anything to wear!
2) I’m starting to feel really uninspired and really bored with my 8 items of clothing.  I CAN’T WAIT to wear something new! I miss the color red!  Purple!  🙂
3) The quality of my clothes to begin with wasn’t that great, so they are really starting to pill up, fade, and stretch out of shape. (But, they’ve served me well! 🙂 )
4) I thought this challenge would just be a “background” sort of thing, but I’ve found that it’s occupying a lot of my mind space. I suppose I’m not totally sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but I am a bit tired of thinking about clothes! 🙂

I know that several others are doing this challenge (or similar challenges)… how is it going for you?

8 Challenge, Update #2

lori outfitWe’re two weeks into the 8 Challenge! Of course, I’m a bundle of mixed emotions about it…

The good:
1) I’m still loving the forced simplicity.
2) I love not digging through clothes to find something to wear.
3) I have been surprised at my creativity in putting outfits together with just 8 items and some accessories! Each outfit feels special to me.
4) Packing for a quick trip to see my parents earlier this month was easy – it made me smile as I packed my simple wardrobe. My usual stressed-out packing was completely stress-free!  🙂randi outfit
5) It’s a delight to do this challenge with Randi. We have been exchanging emails with funny stories, insights and lessons. She has helped me stick to it!
6) It’s been good for me to purposefully not buy clothing – I didn’t realize how impulsive my clothing purchases tend to be.

The bad:
1) I can’t wait to wear something different! 🙂
2) I am really missing variety and color.
3) I’m afraid that this experiment is going to be the end of these 8 clothing items because I’m wearing them so much – and most of them were items that I purchases used.
4) I’m accident prone and tend to spill food and coffee on myself (and I’m often covered in cat hair)… so, keeping my clothes tidy is a challenge. In the past, I would just quickly change clothes after spilling coffee/soup/sloppy joes on myself, but now I don’t really have that as a sustainable option. Spot cleaning works, but I find that I’m sometimes a little stressed about trying to keep clean.

Here’s a little email pep talk that Randi sent to me the other day after I expressed that I was starting to feel a little bored with my 8 clothing items…

Here’s the upside. It’s not our clothes that makes us who we are. It’s us. Let us shine up those “boring” outfits with a smile and an extra bounce in our steps. We don’t have to spend precious time thinking of what to wear, finding it and putting it back. My bedroom is no longer having my clothes sitting around. Nope, every evening it either goes on the one empty hanger or in the laundry. I don’t have to fight with an overfilled closet. Still appreciating the simplicity. We can do this, almost half way there 🙂 Randi

See?  Isn’t she great?  So thankful to be doing this challenge with a friend!  How about you?  Are you joining us?  What’s your good/bad list about this 8 Challenge?

(BTW – I’ve been posting my outfits each day on my Facebook page. Check it out if you’re interested. I created a photo album there called 8 Challenge with all of the outfits.)


8 Challenge, Update #1


One week into the 8 Challenge (my wardrobe for the month of November consists of 8 pieces of clothing)… my biggest challenges so far?

1) Laundry.  Since I only have 1 or 2 pieces of clothing that need to be washed at a time, it’s a bit of a challenge to wash/dry my clothes. But, I’m also loving that I’m not overwhelmed by laundry.

2) I’ve been really tempted to go clothes shopping this week!  :-/  I normally really dislike clothes shopping, but since engaging in this challenge, I’ve had a huge urge to go shopping!

Since it’s only been a week, I’m not feeling bored with my 8 pieces of clothing yet.  I’m actually having a lot of fun putting different pieces together with a scarf or necklace.  I feel free in a way I didn’t expect. I actually used to go to sleep at night dreading trying to figure out what to wear the next day! Now, it’s easy-peasy and I’m not stressing at all.  I’ve also taken on clearing out my jewelry. I’ve donated most of it and pared it down 20141103_071541to pieces that I feel are “me” (I’ve finally realized that my style really is minimal – I like subtle, small pieces. I enjoy looking at big sparkly pieces, but never ever wear them.) and I actually wear. Again – SO freeing!

I *might* be cheating just a bit by wearing my lightweight white down vest a lot – I’m counting it as a “coat”, which is a freebie in this challenge. Another area where I *might* have cheated: I bought some shoes.  I guess they’re technically apparel, but after clearing out my closet (I’m preparing to try the www.un-fancy.com method beginning in December!) and getting rid of the shoes that hurt my feet or just didn’t wear, I found that I own 4 pairs of shoes (boots, 2 pr tennis shoes, 1 pr boat shoes)  and I was in need of a pair of all-purpose non-athletic shoes. I found some cute red flats on sale that I know I’ll wear a lot this Autumn.


Here’s an update from Randi:

randi outfitI was thinking about, that even if we have to wear two extra sweaters or a sweater and a vest to stay warm, the experiment is still a mind blowing eye opener. Who would have thought that something so basic would speak to me in such a loud and clear manner. It already started when I picked out my eight pieces. I felt this excitement, and as I started to put all my other clothes away, I felt this sense of peace and freedom. I know It’s only a few days into the challenge, and I may view this differently at the end. But for now, I truly love not having to thinkrandi outfit 2 too much about what to wear, and don’t have to fight through a pile of sweaters to find the one piece I was looking for. I can spend my time on something more productive and maybe even fun. I believe this message will carry through, had we picked even twenty pieces of clothing. I’m loving it, and am convinced that many great conversations will take place based on this.

How about you?  Are you doing the 8 Challenge?  What are your thoughts and challenges so far?

Randi’s 8 Challenge

Randi LundgrenI (Lori) roped in a partner in crime for this 8 Challenge during November – Randi Lundgren!  Randi is also one of the small group members going through the book “Free: Spending Your Time and Money On What Matters Most” by Mark and Lisa Scandrette.

Randi has been enthusiastic from the beginning – excited for this challenge and the thought of a freer perspective on clothing… if it wasn’t for Randi, I might not have gone through with the challenge myself!  Ah, the power of partnership!  🙂  We’re cheering on the rest of you who are also participating!  Feel free to email your pictures and thoughts to: midday@moody.edu

Here are Randi’s 8 items of clothing that she’s wearing this month:

1 pr jeans
1 pr pants
1 dress
1 jacket
1 cardigan
2 shirts
1 long cardigan (can be worn as a dress)

randi 8 challenge

Here are the “rules” during the month long challenge:

Have 8 pieces of “anchor” clothing.
We can wear belts, jewelry, scarves.
Coats, undies, socks, shoes, workout clothes, and PJs are “freebies” in this challenge.
No clothing purchases.
Repair clothing if a mishap occurs (ie, no replacement pieces).

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