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Randi’s 8 Challenge

Randi LundgrenI (Lori) roped in a partner in crime for this 8 Challenge during November – Randi Lundgren!  Randi is also one of the small group members going through the book “Free: Spending Your Time and Money On What Matters Most” by Mark and Lisa Scandrette.

Randi has been enthusiastic from the beginning – excited for this challenge and the thought of a freer perspective on clothing… if it wasn’t for Randi, I might not have gone through with the challenge myself!  Ah, the power of partnership!  🙂  We’re cheering on the rest of you who are also participating!  Feel free to email your pictures and thoughts to: midday@moody.edu

Here are Randi’s 8 items of clothing that she’s wearing this month:

1 pr jeans
1 pr pants
1 dress
1 jacket
1 cardigan
2 shirts
1 long cardigan (can be worn as a dress)

randi 8 challenge

Here are the “rules” during the month long challenge:

Have 8 pieces of “anchor” clothing.
We can wear belts, jewelry, scarves.
Coats, undies, socks, shoes, workout clothes, and PJs are “freebies” in this challenge.
No clothing purchases.
Repair clothing if a mishap occurs (ie, no replacement pieces).

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8 thoughts on “Randi’s 8 Challenge

  1. Donna Sparks on said:

    This idea is intriguing…but for those of us who are a bit “fashion challenged,” could you show us some of the different ways you might put these pieces (and yours, Lori) together and maybe how you accessorize them? Might be fun!

    • Sure thing, Donna! In my next post, I’ll show some outfits. I feel like mine are pretty straight forward – top/pants combo or a dress… But, I’m also curious to see how Randi puts her pieces together! I see her as really fashionable and “put together” – she enjoys working with clothing. I always feel like I’m winging it – hoping that things look okay together! 🙂
      – Lori

    • Randi Lundgren on said:

      Please don’t let this stop you. We just have to take a moment and think it through.
      I believe the best way to choose your 8 pieces is of course keeping your lifestyle in mind. Do you have to dress a certain way for work or do you need to keep in mind that you have little kids? Then try and find pieces that can be used in more than one way. The short cardigan I chose can be used as a cardigan on top of the dress shirt, the other shirt or by it self as a sweater. The same goes for the long black cardigan. I’ll use it open on top of the other tops or the dress or button it up and use as a dress by itself. The jacket, same thing. Make sure when you choose, that your pieces will be somewhat in the same color scheme, to give you more options. You can completely change a look by wearing a scarf, a necklace or with your choice of shoes. I hope this is helpful. Let us know how it goes. Blessings, Randi

  2. Well I’m a little late, but I’m taking on the challenge! A little afraid, but I’ve picked out my 8 pieces of clothing and I’m ready to begin! I’ll keep you updated.

  3. Lori! I am in with you! I have committed to these 8 items for one month:

    1 black dress
    1 jean dress
    1 khaki dress
    1 black pant
    1 white shirt
    1 leopard shirt
    1 black shirt
    1 grey skirt
    I am loving this! It is so great to not to have to “worry” about what I am going (get to) to wear. So freeing!!! Thank you!

    • Hooray!! So glad to have you as a part of this challenge! I agree with you – I love not being bothered with “what will I wear tomorrow?”! 🙂
      Keep us posted on how you’re doing and what you’re thinking!
      – Lori

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