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8 Challenge, Update #3

We are now 21 days into the 8 Challenge!

The good:
1) This truly has been a challenge for me, but doable!  It’s confidence-lori 8 challengebuilding to see that I *can* do a challenge like this.
2) My perspective has been shifting more and more toward gratitude these days. For some, limited clothing is a reality 365 days of the year – I have the luxury of having a closet with more clothes and the luxury of spending time thinking about clothing.
3) I’ve had some great conversations with people at work, church, school, and home about the challenge – it’s fun to hear others’ thoughts!
4) Store sales are happening in full force this time of year. Since I’m not buying clothing this month, I’ve saved money by not buying clothing impulsively. I don’t think I’ll go back to impulsive clothes shopping again. I’m feel more committed to living in simplicity.
5) Thank goodness for the variety of scarves that I own (most of them were gifts – and I’m starting to see what great gifts they are!)!
6) Posting my daily outfits on facebook has helped keep me on track with this challenge (at the risk of boring/annoying my facebook friends!).

The bad:
1) Though the volume of laundry is small, I’m washing my clothes more frequently and I really need to stay on top of it or I won’t have anything to wear!
2) I’m starting to feel really uninspired and really bored with my 8 items of clothing.  I CAN’T WAIT to wear something new! I miss the color red!  Purple!  🙂
3) The quality of my clothes to begin with wasn’t that great, so they are really starting to pill up, fade, and stretch out of shape. (But, they’ve served me well! 🙂 )
4) I thought this challenge would just be a “background” sort of thing, but I’ve found that it’s occupying a lot of my mind space. I suppose I’m not totally sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but I am a bit tired of thinking about clothes! 🙂

I know that several others are doing this challenge (or similar challenges)… how is it going for you?

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3 thoughts on “8 Challenge, Update #3

  1. It’s been fun to follow your try at this Lori. I don’t think I could do it as clothing is a part of my self-expression and creativity. Not buying them really, but wearing. I wonder, too, if it makes you think more about what you are wearing rather than less – much like dieting when all you can think about is food. Interesting experiment! Thanks for being willing to show your adventure to the world!

  2. Lynette on said:

    I think the idea of paring down on our clothing is great, but 8 is too few of pieces – lol – maybe 30 or so would be more perfect for all the time. Don’t really know how to set the “right” number. Love the concept though.

  3. This challenge has helped me to put more of my focus on trusting God. That truly He supplies all of my needs. It has been a real challenge for me. I am especially tempted before I go to bed at night to give up because I’m tired of choosing from the same 8 pieces the next day. I tell the Lord my struggle and ask for His strength and joy to renew me. It has been so wonderful to wake the next morning and feel totally different! To realize that God cares and answers me like this has been so encouraging!
    Lori, I agree with you about the whole shopping thing. That has been very freeing! It’s amazing to think of all the catalogs and flyers I’ve gotten in the mail and thrown away. A month ago I use to pour over them and just struggle with coveting. I pray that I won’t go back to that. I hope to be more intentional in my shopping, like you Lori.
    Thanks for all the encouraging updates Lori and Randi!

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